Love Poem

When I cry for me, I cry for you, tooWhen I cry for you, I’m learning to cry for me, tooI am learning that we’re all the same through our differencesWe are all always doing all that we can doI cry because your efforts weren’t enough to reach me where I wasAnd because mine weren’t… Continue reading Love Poem

This is Fucking Terrible!

My favorite book about addiction is Beyond Addiction by Wilkens, Foote, and Kosanke. It’s for people who care about someone who is struggling. A book that gives you actual advice, and doesn’t tell you to just detach if things get hard. Close to the beginning, they have a note titled This Is Really Hard! which… Continue reading This is Fucking Terrible!


When you’re going through something it can feel like you’re the only one. Even if it’s something that’s obviously common. Especially when you’re made to feel like an outsider for having that experience even though you’re not. Stigma does that. Misunderstanding does that. Prejudice does that. The reality is that 261 people die per day… Continue reading 261

Rocks and Fault Lines

The feeling that I could have done more. It’s normal, they say. It’s not true, they say. You did all you could, they say. You did your best. The problem is that statistically it’s just not possible for that to always be true. We hurt each other and fall short all the time, every day… Continue reading Rocks and Fault Lines

Dissociation Questions

I’m sitting under my blankets in my spot on the couch. Today is the first day I haven’t cried, but the day is young. I feel okay, I think, but I don’t want to jeopardize it by doing anything. It’s like all this time I’ve found refuge from trauma by sitting perfectly still and not… Continue reading Dissociation Questions